We are a company dedicated to recovering the tradition of a job well done, rooted in the values of durability and excellence. With more than 35 years of experience, we have a team of professionals specialized in design and manufacturing, committed to providing construction solutions for your projects. Our philosophy focuses on offering a high-quality service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

AC Football Table was born with the mission of making a dream come true: creating the best football table in the world. Designed to combine the robustness and playability of a professional football table, using the highest quality materials to guarantee its durability and adaptability to any space. With an elegant design and the possibility of customization, we aim to create an exclusive piece of art and an unparalleled gaming experience. This is the table football that will make the difference.



“A wise man said…
your ideas can be stolen, but never your talent”.

Our story begins on January 2, 1988. Its protagonist, Ángel Escribano Pérez, begins the year and his work career in a company dedicated to the tooling and manufacturing of components for the recreational sector.

Even though he is surrounded by iron and noise, he is passionate about his work. Building something that has come from nothing is very rewarding for him, and he soon becomes, according to his boss, “silver handymen.” His function is to give free rein to his imagination and dedicate himself only to the design of prototypes. In 1995 he participated in the design of the prototype of a foosball table that currently has great prestige.

Despite the creativity of his position, it became monotonous and his desire to learn led him to leave it. and, a little later, with the aim of expanding his knowledge in metal work, he began his career in another company dedicated to the design and manufacture of metal structures, where he acquired knowledge of design software for the development and construction of metal structures and welding in all its versions (electrode, wire and tig).

Always providing innovative ideas for the manufacture of structures, he becomes the second in command of a staff of more than 50 workers.< /p>

But, once again, his desire to make his ideas shine with their own light, he decides to abandon ship to create his own company.

On April 1, 2006 he founded his own company and started his dream. The solution to day-to-day challenges and the seriousness in the service of his work make his company stabilize. He manages to surround himself with a team of true professionals with whom he manages to do quality work, so he begins to work with decorators to manufacture railings, design elements and furniture, which provide him with knowledge in the field of design.

January 2023. He thinks that the time has come, supported by his great experience, to put his dream into practice: Designing the best football table in the world.

Taking advantage of all his experience in the world of recreational, metal constructions and design, he decides to create a table football that meets all the guarantees of playability, resistance and design. In June 2023, he founded the AC Ideas brand and patented the design of his AC Football Table, a product of extreme quality, completely customizable and exclusive, to serve the most demanding public who wants to enjoy life and value great moments with their friends.

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